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Printed tablecloth and Tension banners stand

  • £16900

A lightweight alternative to the heavier cassette roller stand. The stand and kit weight is just 1.5kg so you certainly wont be struggling to lift these.  Once you add a lightweight cloth, your whole stand and cloth come in at only 2.1kg ! now thats impressive!

They work just like a modern tent pole where you bend the flexible pole into a base then attach to the top of the graphic to create tension and an upright stand.

Popular with people who travel a lot in the UK or Internationally. For a extra cost we can modify the poles to that they will fit into a small suitcase or hold all, no more baggage charges on that airline !


Our lightweight cloths come in either poplin 120 gsm or 160 gsm Htex and look brilliant. The Std size for this product is 3m x 1.5m so it will fit most tables you will come across.

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